Phones in the older days were like fliptops and long phones. they were heavy and actully landlines and you could only ring people in your own house.  nowadays most people have iphones which have cameras, calculators, flashlights, alarms, google, GPS, apps, computer, spreadsheets, diary, calender, reminders and passwords that keep your phone safe.


Our class is the best because we have the most stamps out of all the year 7 classes. we have on average of 222.43 stamps. for example 7D only have on average 153.86 and another example is 7I which only has 118.64.

term 3 report

English- english was pretty good but i didnt do to good on level of performance

Math- i got all highs in maths this term

Food- i did okay in food.

ilearn- i could of improved on completion of set work and level of performance

Lote- i did good in french

Music- i didnt do that good in music expesially in compleation of set work

PE- i did not do that good in sport

Science-  i did okay in science.

SOSE- i could of done better on use of class time in SOSE

Science: Water

  • Where does our water come?

Our water comes from our rivers, dams, otways, and underground and then it gets cleaned.

  • What steps are taken to make sure it is safe to drink?
  1. collect water from our rivers
  2. store the water in basins and the particles fall to the bottom
  3. Special chemicals are added to help impurities sink to the bottom and be removed
  4. Special chemicals are added to float impurities to the surface, so they can be removed
  5. The water is filtered
  6. The pH of the water  is checked and adjusted to the proper level
  7. The water is disinfected
  8. The clean water is stored for customers to drink


ILearn: Smartie Statistics


1. How mant smarties were in my packet?- there was 11 smarties in my packet

2. What colour is the most common for my packet? the colour brown

3. on average, how many smarties are in a packet? 11-13

4. on average, what colour is  most common? Brown

5. was it eaiser for you to count up the average or excel? excel because all you had to do was highlight the numbers.